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About Us

T-Zack is proud to introduce the highest quality rods at affordable prices for professional fishers and hobbyists alike. With Toray and Fuji guided, and our own factory where we’ve adapted and tested features for 21 years, we provide the newest and most innovative rods to a mainstream market. We’re here to make your fishing adventures top-notch and stress free.

Our manufacturing base, equipped with state-of-the-art production lines, currently provides custom rods making services covering nine types of fishing rods: fly rods, inshore rods, noodle rods, boat rods, surfcasting rods, sea rods, crank rods, baitcaster rods and spinning rods.

In addition, we also produce our own newly designed, competitively priced T-Zack brand fishing rods in 3 types (spinning rods, baitcaster rods and crank rods) across three series (Supreme, Classic and Starter) for different levels of anglers, and are excited to seek interested distributors and dealers to sell them in the North American market.

Get in touch with us here to spread T-Zack rods in your area.


Telephone Number:    (917) 861 8269


Mailing Address :        New York, NY 10023

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